The Toad’s Collectible Tip – Decorating with Antique Toys

In so many of the homes I tour and on the pages of decorating magazines, I am increasingly seeing old toys. I am quite certain that all these homeowners are not serious collectors but are just enjoying the toys for their artistic merit.

The toys pictured here today were reproduced by the original company called the Paya Company out of Spain and they are a faithful reproduction of the original toy and box.

Paya’s toys were considered the equal of the great and famous toymakers to the north. Not only was Paya quality the equal of Marklin of Germany, but Paya’s colours and imprints were graphically more interesting, precise and bolder.

In 1985, the original moulds and machinery were resurrected and the process of lithography duplicated. The end result is a brand new toy that is identical to the one you would have bought in the 1930s at about 5% of the cost of the original. Of the 2000 toys manufactured by Paya from 1906 to 1940, a total of 50 historic models have been recovered. All are numbered and limited to run a 5,000 and all come with a certificate of authenticity. Of special note is that Paya now operates as a workers’ co-operative still at the original factory in Ibi, near Alicante, Spain.
A large variety of tin print reproduction toys are readily available online.

The little blue racer pictured to the left is a reproduction of the famous Paya 970 Bugatti Clockwork Tin Toy created by Raiumumdo Paya in the 1930s. The original could fetch between $260.00 to $500.00!

I found it on the table at the Aberfoyle Antique Market. No box, but for $10 how could I resist?

The Toad’s Collectible Tip – Decorating with Antique Toys